IMPROVE: Mike Israetel - "What are the optimal periodization methods for building strength?". 80 min, recorded 3.5.2016.

Dr Mike Israetel is a powerlifter, bodybuilder, coach and assistant professor at Temple University´s department of kinesiology. He is also the founder of the world-renown Renaissance Periodization.

Dr Israetel will present for the IMPROVE series with the topic "What are the optimal periodization methods for building strength?". During his lecture, Mike gives us a run-through of the latest science on how to periodize your training to maximize strength gains. In his own words:

"The talk I'll be giving will have 3 components. The first component will be a discussion of the fundamental training principles (of which there are 7). These principles (such as Specificity, Overload, Fatigue Management, etc.) guide and control the production of all effective training programs, so they form the best basis of understanding WHY and HOW programs that work best are designed. 

Once the training principles are introduced and explained in general terms, their implications will be parsed out and presented in plain language. Once the training principles are understood, it becomes apparent that some training design features are indispensable to even minimally effective programs, some will almost certainly be superior to others, and some will almost certainly slow training progress needlessly. This discussion will conclude with a "do's and don'ts" of programming for strength.

The last component will be a discussion of the kinds of programs the aforementioned recommendations end up leading to, and example programs will be given. The shortcomings of popular programs will be discussed as well, with some tips as to how to modify popular programs to make them more effective for strength gains."

Regardless of if your current level is beginner, intermediate or advanced, this presentation will help you speed up your progress!

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